Spanning fresh seafood ports in the United States from Maine to Florida to California to Washington to Alaska, Webfish is the largest directory of seafood web sites that are all scored for safety, compliance, performance and consumer reviews. Webfish is quickly becoming the first place to go for finding a trusted seafood company that consistently delivers fresh seafood direct to your door. You can Search Seafood Companies By State or you can Search Seafood Companies by Productfree of charge, and view our scoring of each web site and company in our seafood directory.
Our mission is to provide listings to only the best seafood companies on the web, scored by our technology and scoring methods. We manually review each seafood company and run tests on their web sites. We also archive reviews and complaints written by consumers, and remove any companies from our directory that do not meet the standards of consumers.
If your going to order fresh seafood, you want it to be from a company that is reliable and tested. WebFish is the only seafood directory service that accepts applications, tests for safety, rates performance of their web site, confirms compliance with state and federal regulations, and publishes consumer feedback and reviews so can be sure that you get the best seafood that money can buy. Learn more about our seafood company scoring system.
If you run a successful seafood business that ships fresh seafood direct to Consumers overnight, apply to list your company in our directory. We'll score your web site and offer suggestions to improve your score and rating for free. Learn more about our listing service that can help you earn trust with consumers, improve your conversions and turn more browsers into believers, and believers into buyers. In the seafood industry, consumers need and trust and independent source like Webfish. So List Your Company now and we'll review your site for free.
Select a seafood by state and access hundreds of rated seafood web sites and companies.
Select a seafood by product and access hundreds of rated seafood web sites and companies.
    Webfish is the only directory of seafood companies on the net where you find seafood web sites that deliver fresh products direct to your door. And all sites are scored for safety, performance and complience so consumers can find the tested safest sites fast.  
  List with Webfish for Free for 90 days. Earn the trust of consumers and turn more browsers into believers and believers into buyers today.

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